My Thoughts

It feels like suddenly I woke up and now I am a Senior Citizen. The reality didn’t even occur to me until one day at a fast food restaurant I was offered a “Senior Discount”. Did I get abducted only to wake in the future? Only problem with this is, I have accumulated memories to match my years.

Social Security Here I Come June 14, 2018 only 1150 days and counting. Ok now the question is, will there be sufficient funds for me when I am illagble to draw any benefits? For many year the “wowisme – Dooms Dayers” have warned there there will be no money because of the amount of Baby Booomers. Now I am sorta believing them with all the programs that are ending and big money going to other items, my chances are getting slim. Two of my brothers didn’t make it past 59 so I should be thankful I have passed the dreaded bar they set. Today I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a good deed…. Im sure many will recall my “59 and county” daily blog…well now I am going to do Social Security Here I come…. Join me if you will.