My Predictions

2015-02-25 19.20.13Ok so this is the year of the “Green Wooden Goat/Ram/Sheep”. My Grandma always considered it the Ram. I have always been fascinated with the Chinese Horoscope. I was born in the year of the Dragon, actually the Water Dragon, known to be driven, intuitive, over extended at times, loyal, sensitive. Yep that’s me. Probably because it is so me, I believe many of the ideas from Chinese Horoscopes. I also love Dragons.

Now every year we see lists from different famous and infamous people who announce their predictions for the coming year. Grandma and I always made our own list. We would compare notes and then when something we had predicted came about we would always talk. As the years went on we got more and more even with our predictions. Either I got stronger or she got weaker….either way out of our 10 each predictions we would each hit 7 or more. A lot of the time we would predict the same thing. The last time we did a prediction Year was in 1987 the year of the Rabbit. My Grandma was not doing so well. She said that this would be a hard year; she would see lots of fog. She wasn’t so sure of her thoughts. It was late 1987 that grandma began to suffer from early dementia and then her life was eaten by Alzheimer’s.

I still have Grandmas last list.

  1. A long line earthquake in the spring. – Whittier Narrows Earthquake. {Point}. I saw an earthquake but not with such clarity.
  2. Submarine sinking – I also saw a submarine that was sunk and found. Both came to pass with grandmas being a Russian sub sunk and mine being the Civil war Monitor found. {Match}
  3. Grandma saw an attack on a US ship. {Point}
  4. We both saw big storms that would be odd with lots of wind and trees falling and tearing up so I’m thinking Hurricane. {Match}. England had a hurricane force with that tore up tons of trees that year I believe.
  5. Yes Grandma and I would also subscribe to the morbid macabre of who might kick the bucket…
  6. Her Death predictions 1987…….. Funny men and a dancer – that year Fred Astaire – Danny Kaye – Jackie Gleason ….Dan Rowen. She didn’t always name the person by name, (she thought that a bit too much) but in that year she did name Jackie Gleason and Fred Astaire. My only guess that was correct for that year was, I believe, Liberace.
  7. Now I would like to note Prince Edward was on my list- he didn’t die – just resigned from his Marine training. – No points – but death and som
  8. Larry King –also on my list – thankfully only had a heart attack- no points. I’m sure he is glad of that. ething ending are similar at times.

Not since that year have I ever had a Feng Shui prediction Partner. I would love to – but no one else has ever actually wanted to join me, especially with the dark predictions. Grandma and I would each put up $5.00 per prediction. For each one you got right you got $5.00. If you matched you kept your $5.00. Overall winner received balance and Dinner was paid by the looser. Any takers?