1366GALE_PhotoCrop_v1My loves are my husband of 40 years and my children – homegrown (birth) Bought (adopted) and Borrowed. Three of my children have given me knowledge and experience in the “Special Needs” community with their various life challenges. My favorite part of life is being a Grandma…. The grandkids call me Nah.

I believe in volunteering, giving back to those who need. After 7 years working on the SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area) and 30 years as a Parent Child Advocate I have moved on. My attentions are now with the IRC – Inland Counties Regional Center. At this time I serve as Board of Trustees President.

My background – While working as the Director of Recreation for a Parks Department my duties also included Senior Center Director. Prior to that I worked 10 years in the Senior Living and Convalescent setting, my younger nurturing years were the basis for my life’s passion of advocacy.

I am a bit Mary Poppins a lot Allison Du Bois with a dash of Julia Child topped off with satirical humor of Erma Bombeck, Social Security Here I Come. Wife – Mother – Nah – Writer – Cook and Crafter.